Man wearing a True Classic black pullover hoodie and Joggers

Men's Jogger Sets: Trend Alert

Men’s fashion has transformed from outright formal style of dressing to a more lax fusion of sport and conventional wear. Men are now seen wearing jogger sets everywhere, with many considering them the suit of modern times. Contrary to the...

by Jonathan Cheek on July 16, 2021

Three guys walking away wearing jeans

The Right Way to Pair Jeans With Shoes

Everybody has a pair of jeans but not everybody has an eye for fashion to know what pair of jeans matches with specific shoes. The number one step when matching a pair of jeans and shoes is to know the...

by Jonathan Cheek on July 08, 2021

Man wearing pullover hoodie standing in a basketball court

Men’s Loungewear: A 2021 Essential

In this day and age, there is no reason that men cannot remain stylish as well as comfortable while relaxing within the comforts of home. Men’s loungewear has gone through a tremendous transformation in the past years, with many pieces...

by Jonathan Cheek on July 02, 2021

Two guys sitting on a couch outside

Simple & Stylish 4th of July Outfits

The 4th of July is just around the corner, and it is about time to find the perfect clothes for the occasion. Although most people focus on the fun aspects of this holiday, we should never forget that this day...

by Jonathan Cheek on June 25, 2021

Man wearing a True Classic White T-shirt standing in front of a large train

16 Shorts For Men That Look Sleek For Summer

Wondering what to wear to the office post-COVID? Do you have to be a suit-and-tie kind of person, or can comfort come first?You might think that an easy day is no big deal and it won't matter what you're wearing,...

by Jonathan Cheek on June 17, 2021