Man wearing a fancy pair of sneakers

70s & 80s Men’s Fashion: Styles That Are Making a Comeback

Ready to upgrade your wardrobe? We’ve got some inspiration. Let’s take a look at the style and swagger that powered men’s fashion in the 70s and 80s. Men’s fashion in the 70s and 80s Business was booming in the 1970s...

by Jonathan Cheek on September 03, 2021

Pile of folded Shirts

How to Fold T-Shirts Without Wrinkles: Crease-Free Packing

If you come home for the holidays with wrinkly clothing, you'll never hear the end of it. Folding a t-shirt without wrinkles is its own artform. Luckily, we've got you covered. Never doubt the power of good folding technique. It...

by Jonathan Cheek on August 04, 2021

Man wearing a True Classic white and black raglan shirt.

The History of The Vintage Sports Tee

The vintage sports tee is the go-to for many and has been a staple in the fashion world since its inception. Additionally, the raglan and short-sleeve Henley are also making a comeback with their resurgence of popularity. So what exactly...

by Jonathan Cheek on August 10, 2021

Man Wearing True Classe Bluestone Polo

What to Wear When Going Back to Work

Wondering what to wear to the office post-COVID? Do you have to be a suit-and-tie kind of person, or can comfort come first?You might think that an easy day is no big deal and it won't matter what you're wearing,...

by Jonathan Cheek on August 06, 2021

Big guy wearing a brown suit

27 Outfits For Big Guys: How to Dress Well As An Overweight Man

Finding the right outfits for big guys is never an easy task. Not only is your choice limited, but sometimes these products are not as stylish as the regular fits. As if that wasn’t enough, the majority of salespeople don’t know...

by Jonathan Cheek on July 30, 2021