We donate 40,000+ shirts a month

Everyday, our mission inspires us to take direct action

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  • true classic tees story
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  • true classic tees story

Our goal with this company has always revolved around over-indexing on the value we give our customers and communities. Value can come in the form of best in class customer service, entertaining ads that make you laugh, products that are intentionally designed to help you look better and donating shirts at scale to help communities in need.

Ryan Bartlett, Co-Founder & CEO

Ryan Bartlett

When we started True Classic, we set out to create the best men’s essential products for every guy out there, while also making an impact in our community. I am happy to say we have made good on that promise and giving back to our community is a pillar of our everyday mission.

Nick Ventura, Co-Founder

Nick Ventura

I’m proud of our work with several organizations that get much-needed clothing in the hands of homeless veterans. As we scale and our donations increase, it is very rewarding to see True Classic’s social impact.

Matt Winnick, Co-Founder

Matt Winnick

how it started

We started with a cause that hit home, literally. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan Bartlett, has a deep family background in military with grandparents and parents who directly served in WWII, Vietnam, the Gulf war, and more. It was a personal and professional passion to bring awareness and aid to the veteran community and the ever rising homelessness issue within it. Partnering with the Tiny House Project was an easy and obvious choice - where the Co-Founders were confident every purchase made could make a difference. Since then, they've been able to expand their donations to other homeless shelters, schools & local communities in need




T-shirts are the number three requested item in homeless shelters and donation facilities

Remembering where we started and how True Classic can make an impact, our give back initiatives are expanding and reaching more communities, first responders, and families in need.

Looking to partner?

We are passionate about connecting with organizations, people, and communities who are like minded and looking to make a difference in their communities. Contact us with inquiries, requests, and or recommendations. We are happy to hear from you.