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True Classic Membership

Looking for a little extra motivation to keep you looking good and feeling your best? When you join the True Crew, you'll earn 20% cash back on every purchase, a free swag bundle at sign up worth the price of the membership, and exclusive access to member-only events.

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True Crew Benefits

  • Sign Up Store Credits icon

    Sign Up Store Credits

    Receive $10 in store credits just for signing up for the program.

  • Free Shipping icon

    Free Shipping

    Get free shipping on every order, every time.

  • Exclusive sales, discounts & store credits icon

    Exclusive sales, discounts & store credits

    When it comes to shopping, who doesn't love a good deal? You'll get access to exclusive sales, discounts, and even store credits.

  • $25 store credit membership referral bonus icon

    $25 store credit membership referral bonus

    Sharing is caring - especially when it comes to saving money! That's why we offer a $25 store credit membership referral bonus to all our loyal True Crew Members.

  • Store Credit back on all purchases icon

    Store Credit back on all purchases

    Get Store Credit back on every order. It’s like a savings account for your closet. Look at you being all responsible.

  • Priority Customer Support icon

    Priority Customer Support

    Don’t waste your time waiting in a queue. Get the answers you need immediately.

  • Extended Returns icon

    Extended Returns

    Whether you need to exchange sizes, colors or just change your mind, our 90 day extended returns benefit makes shopping easy.

  • “Look good, feel good” quarterly sweepstakes icon

    “Look good, feel good” quarterly sweepstakes

    Looking for a little extra motivation to keep you looking good and feeling your best? Look no further than your "Look Good, Feel Good" quarterly sweepstakes, where you could win some seriously awesome prizes. Think our stylist coming to your home for a full closet overhaul, treating you to head-to-toe makeover, and even sending you on an all expenses paid trip (with your suitcase packed full of TC gear, of course). Who knows, you could be our next lucky winner!

  • Behind-the-scenes access icon

    Behind-the-scenes access

    As a True Crew Member, you'll gain access to a world of exclusive benefits. From behind-the-scenes access to our latest assortment through product focus groups, to product testing opportunities, VIP Facebook group, and even direct access to our team members, The True Crew is the ultimate VIP experience.

  • Seasonal wardrobe refresh ($1,000 annual value) icon

    Seasonal wardrobe refresh ($1,000 annual value)

    Are you ready for a seasonal wardrobe refresh that won't break the bank? As a True Crew Member you'll have access to a $1,000 annual value for your seasonal wardrobe updates! Say goodbye to your stained tee and hello to fresh True Classic favorites that will make you look good and feel amazing.

True Crew Math

Deals so good you'll lose money by not joining


  • $99 bundle gifted when you join
  • $7 saved on shipping on every order
  • $25 for every friend you refer
  • 20% cash back on all purchases

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