Five men sporting different color combinations in True Classic apparel

Men’s Color Combinations: Best Wardrobe Color Combos That Stay in Style

Knowing what to wear and how to wear it are key components to finding your own singular style and it also helps to throw some versatility into your wardrobe whenever possible. Color is a powerful tool in showcasing to the world your ability to put together a look that speaks to your individuality and works for every occasion. The following recommendations cover color combos from casual wear to more formal attire.

Casual Men’s Clothing Color Combinations

Five men sporting different color combinations in True Classic apparel
Black & Red · Red & Khaki ·  White & Black · Khaki Brown & White · Light Blue & Green

For a casual look, there is nothing more grand than going full blast on bold colors that bring some edge to your personal style. Putting together a casual day look gives you more freedom and flexibility to venture out and prominently display the color combinations that suit your own singular aesthetic without the trappings of work or formal settings to get into the way.

Black & Red

Man Wearing Red Crew Neck Long Sleeve


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For the casual vibe, literally any colors under the rainbow are fair game, but if you are aiming for a truly striking presence, then there are certain hues that come into play. Red is one of a primary color that demands attention, and when you combine a red long sleeve shirt with another darker hue - such as black or navy - it stands out in an unforgettable way.

Red & Khaki 

Man wearing True Classic Cardinal Red Fleece Zip Hoodie and Tan 499 Crew Neck T-Shirt

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 Alternatively, if you want to draw more attention to this bold color, then you can wear a red hoodie or sweater and a khaki t-shirt together to make the color truly pop! 

White & Black 

Man wearing True Classic White Crew Neck Long Sleeve and Black Wash Comfort Jeans

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Of course, black and white is a classic pairing featuring the best of both worlds and can be coupled in a myriad of ways for the ultimate contrast. Try a long-sleeve white shirt with a pair of black pants for a simple yet sophisticated look. 

Khaki Brown & White

Man wearing True Classic White Crew Neck T-Shirt Leaning on a tree

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Another perennial classic that dates back generations is khaki brown and white, the quintessential casual man’s look that any man can pull off with ease. 

Light Blue & Green

Man wearing True Classic True Classic Military Green Crew Neck T-Shirt 3-Pack 


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  Light blue and green is another killer combination that works just as well to evoke this look if you prefer a bit more vibrance in your wardrobe.

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Business Casual Color Combinations for Men

Navy Blue & White · Tan & White · Dark Gray & White · Khaki Brown & Light Blue · Dark Brown & White

Most men are very familiar with the business casual look, and there are plenty of variations to consider that make this aesthetic both formidable and fashionable. Depending on the occasion, there are several shades that can be worn at work or for even more formal events. One advantage to business casual is more variety and opportunity to play around with a bit more color compared to formal dress apparel. 

Navy Blue & White

Man wearing Navy suit and white button down shirt

Navy blue and white are a winning combination for just about any occasion, and are great for the boardroom or for a weeknight event.

Tan & White

Man wearing Tan suit with White button down shirt

For men that want to add a bit more fun into the mix, a tan jacket can be paired with a white shirt to give a lift to your appearance. 

Dark Gray & White

Man wearing Dark Gray suit and white button down shirt

Another classic men’s color combination that evokes an upscale vibe is dark gray and white, a popular look that never fails to deliver. 

Khaki Brown & Light Blue

Man wearing khaki brown pant and light blue button down shirt

Alternatively, khaki brown trousers and a light blue, button-down shirt are perfect for the office and after hours. 

Dark Brown & White

Man wearing brown blazer and white button down shirt

For the more semi-formal approach, men can opt for a dark brown blazer paired with a white button-down shirt for a look that is understated, yet stylish.

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Dress Color Combinations for Men

Light Gray & White · Soft Pink & Navy Blue · Brown & Dark Blue · Dark Blue & White · Dark Gray & Black

Dressing for success necessitates that men have a good understanding of how to mix and match color combinations effectively, and for more formal attire, there are several style options that result in a great, powerful look. The perfect sartorial symphony of patterns and colors available to men have the power to create a winning professional look for the workplace that is bold and exudes ambition. 

Light Gray & White

Close up of man wearing light gray suit with pocket square and tie

Gray, whether dark or light in tone, works great with white, making for a nice formal look for the office.

Soft Pink & Navy Blue

Man on a rooftop over looking a city skyline wearing a navy suit with a pink button down shirt

Men that prefer their hues a bit more vibrant can opt for navy blue slacks and a light pink long-sleeved dress shirt, a hue that stands out and looks great when paired with the right accessories. 

Brown & Dark Blue

Man wearing a dark blue suit and brown button down shirt

Brown paired with dark blue is a classic pairing that is ideal for the workplace and throughout the day or night.

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Dark Blue & White

Man wearing dark navy tuxedo and white shirt

Meanwhile, dark blue and white is another option just as impressive as it is versatile. 

Dark Gray & Black

Man wearing gray suit and black button down shirt

Another great pairing that stands the test of time is dark gray and black, a look that never goes out of style.

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