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The Right Way to Pair Jeans With Shoes

Everybody has a pair of jeans but not everybody has an eye for fashion to know what pair of jeans matches with specific shoes. The number one step when matching a pair of jeans and shoes is to know the occasion so that you dress accordingly.


Jeans and Shoe Combinations for Every Occasion

There is a shoe type for every type of jean fit and if you want to wear it appropriately, then you have to consider the occasion. You can either choose to wear straight jeans, skinny jeans, slim jeans, relaxed jeans, or bootcut jeans depending on the occasion. You may want to dress up casually for a date, smart casually for an event or formally to work.

If you often have a hard time deciding on the type of shoe to pair your jeans depending on the occasion, fret not as you have a few options to consider! Read along to get some tips on the right way to pair jeans with shoes for the perfect combination for every occasion.


Skinny Jeans

Today, skinny jeans have gained popularity among men and you most likely have a pair. They are also commonly referred to as cigarette jeans or pencil jeans. They are low-rise jeans that are slimmed from the thighs downwards to the legs and can be styled in many ways depending on the occasion.


Man wearing skinny jeans

Skinny jeans can be worn with a variety of shoes including canvas sneakers, trainers, and even sandals on a casual day or perhaps when you want to walk around a lot doing errands or even just casually meeting friends and family. On such days, you want to be most comfortable and those shoes will help you attain comfort.


Smart Casual

To achieve a smart casual look, skinny jeans can be paired with boots, derby shoes, oxfords, and loafers. Boots such as Chelsea boots are the perfect combination as they are classy and will be shown through the shoes.

Business Casual

Man wearing jeans with button up shirt and blazer

Skinny jeans are designed in such a way that you can show the shoes you are wearing through them. A business casual look while wearing skinny jeans can be perfectly paired with a dressy pair of loafers.

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Slim Jeans

Slim jeans are the type of jeans that hug you from the waist down to the legs. These figure-hugging types of jeans are often tapered in the waist and have either a low or medium-rise to them. It is advisable to wear slim jeans with slim footwear.


When discussing casual style, the meaning is for comfort and relaxed attire. Shoes such as loafers, derby shoes, slim-fit sneakers, and sandals when paired with slim jeans always ensure comfort yet a stylish casual look to wear when you want to carry out all your informal activities.


Smart Casual

Man dressed in a smart casual outfit with indigo blue jeans

Boots with slim jeans will always give an added boost to your smart casual attire. Pairing the jeans with either heavy-duty combat boots or military boots will do perfectly well for that event or meeting that you want to turn up to and secure the deal!

Business Casual

The best business casual shoes to pair with slim jeans are loafers and oxford shoes as they both add some form of dapperness to the look yet still being formal enough.


Straight Jeans

Straight jeans as the name suggests are a type of jeans that is straight from the seating area through the thighs and to the legs. What distinguishes them from other jeans is that the width is equal all the way through; they are not tapered at all.


You can wear boots with your straight jeans to achieve a casual look. This informal yet still elegant look can be worn at a brunch date with friends or even when going for that self-treatment by yourself at the mall.

Smart Casual

Man wearing strait cut black jeans

The smart casual combines both the casual look with a formal look. To achieve this look while wearing straight jeans, you can combine the jeans with casual sneakers like canvas sneakers or boots like Chelsea or desert boots.


Business Casual

For a casual day at the office, loafers and brogues pair perfectly with straight jeans. In addition, don’t we all agree that loafers are the most stylish pair of shoes to have ever been invented?

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Bootcut Jeans

As the name suggests, boot cut jeans are a type of jean that provide room towards the end of the jeans for any type of boot to fit stylishly. The jeans’ design is such that it tapers in the knee and widens towards the legs and ankle.


For a casual feel while wearing boot cut jeans, Chelsea boots or comfortable high-top sneakers such as converse shoes can complete such a look.


Smart Casual

Tuck in your well-fitting shirt on your boot cut jeans and put on your cowboy boots or combat boots. These closet staple boots are the perfect shoes for a smart casual look with bootcut jeans.

Business Casual

Nothing screams business casual as much as chukka boots and classic boots that are made from leather material and bootcut jeans. Be sure to pick those two pairs of shoes when trying to achieve a business casual look with bootcut jeans.

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Relaxed Jeans

The relaxed types of jeans are jeans with a wider thigh and leg area. They are often mistaken with the loose fit jeans however it is important to note that relaxed jeans despite being flare are not baggy all through as the loose fit jeans are.

This pair is one of the most difficult types of jeans to pair with many men avoiding purchasing them because of not knowing how to pair them. Below is a mini-guide on how to pair relaxed jeans:


Man wearing a white t-shirt washed jeans sitting on rail

On a relaxed summer day, while taking strolls, nothing beats relaxed jeans with sandals for a dressy kind of casual look. If not summer, then you can never go wrong with suede and relaxed jeans, the epitome of comfort unlocked!


Smart Casual

Styling relaxed jeans for a smart casual occasion can be difficult but fashion gurus often say that the best type of shoes to wear with relaxed jeans to achieve a smart casual look is loafers such as penny loafers as they are simple yet still very stylish.

Business Casual

Styling chukka boots whether with suede or leather uppers and relaxed jeans will denote a professional impression especially if worn with a blazer for that white-collar job that is adopting a business casual trend as opposed to the traditional business attire.

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