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10 Ways to Style Men’s T-Shirts: Iconic T-Shirt Looks

Simplicity can go a long way. Plain t-shirts (in any cut you like) are a serious staple in any man’s closet. They can be dressed-up, dressed-down, and styled however you’re feeling that day. We put together a list of simple, cool ways to style t-shirts ya might already have hanging in your closet or folded, or in your laundry, you get the idea. Let’s dress up those plain tees, guys.


The Classic Look

White Crew or V-Neck - Medium Wash Jeans - Sunglasses - Clean Sneakers

Don’t think that a simple crew-neck t-shirt along with a nice fitting pair of jeans and sneakers isn’t going to go a long way. Think of stars like James Dean, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Evans. What do we always see them wearing out and about? Plain t-shirts. The trick to making this seemingly simple look work into a stylish staple is the fit. We actually have a handy t-shirt fit calculator if you need help determining your size. We would opt for a clean white color, and a v-neck cut for a more modern classic look. Pair this with some slim-fitting medium wash jeans and clean, fresh sneakers. Bonus points for simple accessories like a long necklace, or layered bracelets.


The Grunge Look

Worn-in Sneakers - Baseball Cap - Fitted Tee - Flannel Shirt - Black or Dark-Wash Jeans

Oh hell yeah. We’re bringing the 90’s grunge back in a big way. The key to the grunge look is layering, and a good pair of *semi* dirty sneakers. Not too dirty, that’s just dirty but dirty enough that you look like you just got home from band practice with your boys, not a mosh pit. So you’re going to want to start with a good fitting tee. It can be any sort of cut you feel best in. The next step is a classic flannel. Throw on some sort of cap, whether it’s a skater cap, a surfy cap, or a traditional baseball cap. Bonus points if your hair is a tad messy. If ya need to layer due to the weather, a worn-in denim jacket works perfectly here. For pants, we would opt for black jeans, or once again some worn-in denim does the trick.


The Sons of Anarchy Look

Black Leather Jacket - White Tee - Black Jeans - Leather Boots - Tousled Hair

Okay, admit it, we all wanted to be Jax Teller. Now, we’re not saying you should go out and initiate yourself into a motorcycle gang (please, for the love of God, don’t do that) but what we are saying is it’s super easy to pull off his badass biker style, with a bit more sophistication. Start with a plain white or black t-shirt, preferably a crew neck but a v-neck tee would work as well. Pair that with some black slim-fitting jeans and boots. Throw on a hoodie and a leather jacket. Final and crucial step: tousle your hair around to look like you just got off a Harley, and maybe add a few rings if you’re really feeling the vibe. Easy. Layered. Stylish. Badass. 


The Keep it Profesh Look

Black Crew Neck - Fitted Blazer - Chelsea Boots - Quality Watch

Yes, a t-shirt can be professional. As always, it’s all about the fit and how you pair it. Let’s begin with a simple black crew neck. So next step you have a couple of options: either pair it with a well-fitting blazer or a camel-colored trench coat. Ya know, depending on the weather. Opt for a pair of slim-fitting dark wash jeans, and add a pair of black Chelsea boots or brown leather milled boots. If you’re feeling a bit like accessorizing, opt for a nice simple watch and a hat. Now, you’re ready to take on work, a date, or wherever your day takes you.


The Comfy Cool Look

Soft Pants - Fitted Tee - Zip-up or Crew Neck Hoodie

Hey, most of us are still working from home. And even if you’re not it’s time we all made soft pants cool, stylish, and more wearable. It doesn’t need to be Sunday to dress down but still feels good. So let’s start off with an ultra-soft tee. Can be any cut, any color, but keep it as soft as possible for the ultimate comfort. Next step, pair your t-shirt with a well-fitting zip-up hoodie or crew neck sweatshirt. Style this with either ultra-casual jeans or some comfy, well-fitting joggers, crew socks, and comfy white sneakers. Proof that you can still look put together when you don’t feel like doing sh*t that day.


The Accessory King Look

Wide-Brimmed Hat - Plain Fitted Tee - Sunglasses - Necklaces - Bracelets - Rings

Let’s get out of this mindset that accessories are just for women. Men can rock a necklace, a wide-brimmed hat, and belts like nobody’s business. Plus, accessories are the simplest way to dress up a plain tee. Take David Beckham as your accessory king icon. He makes the jewelry look manly and badass and can wear the crap out of a wide-brimmed hat. Start with a simple, neutral-colored t-shirt -- pair this with some patterned slacks, boots, or loafers, and go wild with the accessories. Rings, necklaces, hats, beanies, belts.


The Jet Setter Style

Baseball Cap - Plain Tee - Fitted Joggers - Clean Sneakers

Now that the world is finally opening up, plane style is finally back. Also, if you’re still wearing your pajamas to the airport, no shade, but it’s time to grow up. Airports are full of people, potential people you could meet to become friends, business partners, or even your new romantic partner. Let's make airport-style a thing again. So we’ll start off with a simple t-shirt, layer that with a denim jacket, throw on some well-fitting joggers, and some fresh sneakers. Finish off with a stylish ball cap and sunglasses. Are you an incognito celebrity or just boarding your plane home to Minnesota? Who can tell? 


The Outdoorsy Rugged Look

White V-Neck - Flannel - Leather Bracelet or Watch - Dark Washed Jeans - Brown Leather Milled Boots

The epitome of manliness is looking like you can start a fire. So let’s style it. The key to this look is to make sure you’re looking functional, but stylish. Start off with, you guessed it, a plain t-shirt. For this look, let’s go with a white v-neck. Layer that with a flannel, or a chambray shirt. Let’s style it with some dark wash jeans and brown leather milled boots. If you want a real layered look, opt for a sherpa denim jacket to finish it all off. 


The Modern Rocker Look

Short Sleeve Button Up - Necklace - Black Skinny Jeans - Messy Hair

Think Harry Styles or David Beckham as your idol for a modern rocker. They’re laid-back, yet accessorized, they aren’t afraid to experiment, and they always look effortlessly cool. The way to get that is quite easy. Let’s start with a simple t-shirt. Go ahead and roll those sleeves up a bit to show off your guns. Let’s layer it with a short-sleeve button-down and some black skinny jeans. This is the perfect time to get that messy-hair look, and throw in some accessories we mentioned earlier like rings or a longer necklace.


The NYC Style

Unique Ripped Black Jeans - Black Leather Boots - Long Camel Colored Jacket

New York the city that never sleeps and also home to street style. It seems like everyone who walks down the street looks like they’re in NY Fashion week. For this look, we like to go all black. Start off with a simple black crew neck t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt. Pair that with a pair of unique black jeans with rips, and a pair of black leather boots. To top it all off, throw on a heavy but modern fitting jacket, add some sunglasses, and boom. Simple, understated, but guaranteed to turn heads. Now, go eat some pizza.

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