Man wearing a True Classic black pullover hoodie and Joggers

Men's Jogger Sets: Trend Alert

Men’s fashion has transformed from outright formal style of dressing to a more lax fusion of sport and conventional wear. Men are now seen wearing jogger sets everywhere, with many considering them the suit of modern times.

Contrary to the trending fashion sense of wearing suits, ties, and brogues in the 70s and the decades before, a pair of joggers with a matching hat and sneakers passes for fashionable wear in the present day. When you walk past someone on the streets today in a jogger set, one of the first things that will cross your mind is that the wearer is headed towards an appointment, not a sporting activity. The reverse would have been the case decades ago if you experienced a similar situation.


What is a Jogger Set?

Man wearing a True Classic black pullover hoodie and Joggers

Joggers were originally designed for sporting activities, before Émile Camuset, a French designer, decided to make them into what eventually became fashionable casual wear today. Jogger sets are made from lightweight and elastic fabrics that clutch firmly to the waist and the ankles. Most joggers are monochromatic, while some are multi-colored, and available in different fabrics and textures.


How to Assemble a Jogger Set

Jogger sets come in various styles for both aesthetic appeal and comfort. The increase in the demand for athleisure wear has given more flexibility for jogger sets to be paired with different apparel.


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The Top

Matching joggers have gotten easier over time. A number of tops can be matched with the jogger; you might decide to go with the same color, or a different color of top that matches the jogger pants. The rule to follow when pairing a different color of top is that the jogger pant must be either thicker while the top is of lighter fabric, or the base color is darker than the top color when the materials are the same.


Man wearing True Classic Heather Gray French Terry Sweatshirt
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Sweatshirts are a perfect match for joggers too - wearing them with a matching jogger is the secret of stylish ambiance. Good sneakers or flat shoes will do a good job at completing your outfit.

Joggers and t-shirts give a more casual appeal than other tops. Apart from ensuring you follow the color matching, it’s also important to ensure that the shirt is fitted and comfortable.

Other tops that match joggers are: bomber jackets, polo, and denim blazers. When wearing any of these selections, select a contrasting color and a form fit.


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The Bottoms

Joggers come in different styles, with the most popular being the plain smart one - the sporty slim-fitted joggers that are tapered at the legs and easily paired with just about any tops.

Baggy bottoms are also quite fashionable, but match better with hoodies and oversized sweaters.

Casual joggers are perfectly suitable for relaxing and a replacement for pajamas when lounging around the house.


The Hoodie

Man laying on the couch wearing a True Classic Carbon Fleece French Terry Zip Hoodie
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The hoodie is a perfect match for a jogger set and is even considered the traditional top for joggers. While the rules laid down earlier are somewhat flexible, it is advisable to stick to them when pairing a jogger with a hoodie to create a fashionable look.


The Shoes

You are only restricted to choosing between varieties of sneakers or high-tops as joggers can be paired with several styles. A smart sneaker with a contrasting color to the joggers will be the best option. You can wear varieties of footwear with joggers, however, you need to be on the lookout for the best match. For a smart- casual look, you can wear more formal shoes but be aware that they’re tricky to get right. It is best not to wear socks while putting on shoes with no lace. Loafers and boat shoes are excellent choices when it comes to shoes without lace.


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The Hat (Optional)

Combining joggers with your favorite baseball hat or other hats – a bucket hat, Panama cap, or even a fedora. A darker color of hat is suitable when worn with a lighter color overall as it gives the desired and appealing contrast. If you are going to try other options of hats, try draping a muffler around your neck and then match it with a pair of loafers or boat shoes.

Before you step out, ensure your dressing is relaxed and casual. You shouldn’t try too hard to look good in a jogger set. Wear shorter jackets when pairing it with joggers - it gives a more stylish look. Stylish sneakers or trainers are the most suitable option to match your joggers. Remember that – with jogger sets - simplicity is sophistication.

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