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Men's Fit Clothing Guide: Finding Quality Fitting Clothes

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Finding fitting clothes might feel like you’re jumping into uncharted waters—there are so many factors that go into it. To you, it might just be a piece of clothing but to the world, it’s your first impression, so the right fit actually matters. There’s a lot of different styles out there, it might even feel like you’re drowning in terms and opinions. All of this is even before you set foot in a mall, it’s a lot. We get it, trust us.

When you really break it all down, it’s actually easy to nail the perfect fit for your body type. Because when it comes to clothes, it’s not about your age, weight, or ethnicity, it’s about the fit—the way something forms to your unique body type. A well-dressed man starts with some well-fitted clothes, so we broke down how to find that perfect fit, every single time, step-by-step.

Your only job is to get to the store.


What Does “Fitting Clothes” Mean?

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There are so many options for clothing out there, so here’s our simple explanation of what being properly “fitted” actually means:

Form-fitting is when you match your clothing garment to your body shape. Now we’re not talking skin-tight, we’re talking contoured, fitting closely to your shape, and complimenting your body type. Clothes are here to add to your essence, to flatter your natural form. This is why properly fitted clothes are so important to your overall appearance, giving you a well-put-together, professional, and confident appeal. 


Why Finding The Right Fit is Important

Now that we know what fitted means, finding clothes that actually compliment your body will be easier, because more often than not, fitting is subjective and ruled by your comfort level, and personal style. However, there are some clear measurement guidelines and fit styles we want to clarify. Finding the right fit is an art and science: the art is your personal style, and the science is the measurement guidelines, together they form the right fit for you. Because when you look good, you feel good—personally and professionally.

Check out the types of fits below, and learn a bit more about proper measurements. You got this!


What Types of Fitted Clothing Are Available For Men?

In 2021, there are around eight popular types of fits for men. Like we mentioned earlier, your comfort level and personal style may dictate which fit you gravitate towards, but knowing the proper guidelines and measurements is what will take your outfit from an “eh” to a “hell yeah.”


Loose Fitting 


Man wearing pocket crew neck t-shirt

Loose-fitting clothing is the go-to option for many men. This type of fit can look good but often gives the appearance of an ill-fitting outfit. The style is characterized by baggy shirts and pants that allow for plenty of room inside your clothing. You will find that you are essentially hiding how you look and disguising almost every aspect of your figure with this style. Although loose-fitting clothing can hide your body and with it, the insecurities, you might end up making you appear bigger than you actually are.


Relaxed Fitting
Man wearing relaxed fit t-shirt

Perfect for everyday wear, it’s focused on a looser fit if that’s your jam. This type of fitting houses a variety of sizing options. A relaxed-fit t-shirt tends to have a wider body with a more relaxed neckline and slightly longer and looser sleeves. When sized right, this type of fit gives off a casual, cool effortless vibe. It also flatters just about every body type. Just find the right size to match the measurement rules above, and you’re good to go.


Tailored Fitting
Man wearing a suit sitting on a table

For a more formal, and sophisticated look, always go for the tailored fit. It’s slightly more narrow than a “regular fit” to give off the appearance of being tailored. This style is often great on longer, slimmer frames that want to enhance their silhouette. If you’re a bit insecure in this area, a tailored fit-tee looks awesome layered up with a cool cardigan or blazer. 


Slim Fitting
triptic of three men wearing slim fit t-shirts

Pretty straightforward. Tends to fit best with slimmer figures, but like the tailored look, is great for layering. If you’re looking for a style that allows for less restriction in the arms, waist, chest, and arms, this is one to consider. Keep in mind that this style tends to look a bit tighter and may enhance the appearance in your mid-area. 


Super Slim Fitting
man wearing super slim fitted shirt

If you’re on the smaller side, it can be tough to find a clothing style that suits your body type—that’s where super slim comes in. It fits very close and narrow to flatter smaller frames. 


Athletic Fitting
Man wearing athletic fit shirt

The name might cause you to believe this style is only worn by athletes. Au contraire, my friend. You don’t need to have the most defined muscles or the biggest chest to wear this style. 

Think of this fit as the shoulder, chest, and arms enhancer. The athletic cut is narrow down the sides, giving off a true slimming effect on your bod. So if you’re on the huskier side, this is the one for you. 


Regular Fitting
Man wearing regular fit polo

Regular fit clothing is also referred to as straight cut or straight fit clothing. This style is perhaps the most comfortable and is suited to all body types. The regular fit will not enhance your appearance too much, but it will fit your frame and give a casual appearance. Should you be carrying more weight in your arms or stomach, this style will help you look thinner as although it is fitted, it doesn’t sit very close to the skin.


Custom Fitting
Man getting measured for a custom fitted shirt

A custom-fit outfit is similar to a tailored fit, where you will have articles of clothing specifically made to suit your body type. Most custom-fit shirts will have smaller armholes, a better contour of your chest, and a smaller width by the sleeve to create the appearance of a more cut physique. 


How to Find Clothes That Fit Men (For Muscles or Dad Bods)

The Key to Knowing How Clothes Should Actually Fit You

Step 1: Measure, Measure, Measure. Oh, and Measure. 

This might seem straightforward, but more often than not, the reason men don’t have clothes that fit right is due to the fact that they just guess. If you feel lost on this, always seek a professional. But it’s as easy as stripping down to your skivvies and getting a tape measure. 

Make sure you note these measurements and always refer to a size guide when you’re shopping for the right fit. You can compare your measurements to the sizes listed to know your true size. 


Step 2: Know your style.

Personal style and comfort levels have a lot to do with how you dress. You can still look fitted in a more relaxed shape outfit, as long as you measure properly (see above), and make sure you honor your personal style. All the types of fits above may have inspired you to dress more tailored, or opt for slim-fit rather than relaxed. The problem is, you may have found a style you like, but depending on your body type, it may not be as flattering as you want. So read on for number 3, and get to know your body type.


Step 3:  Know your body type. 

So you got your measurements. You figured out your personal style and the types of clothes you want. Now it’s time to dress for your body type. Are you a Dad Bod or more of an Athletic Bod? See for yourself, and dress for your best. 


Dad Bod Type

A relatively newer body shape term, the dad bod refers to a more oval or triangle body type in men with the waist and stomach area being wider than the more narrow upper body. The legs and arms with dad bods also tend to be more “in-shape” with the wider areas being towards the middle of the body. The dad bod is a physique to be celebrated, often compared to celebrities like Jon Hamm or Leonardo DiCaprio. When it comes to what you wear, it’s important to emphasize those arms and shoulders, to stay away from more slim-cut tops that will accentuate the mid-section, and balance out your bottom with jeans that are not too tight or loose.


Athletic Bod Type

This body type is often known as the v-shape, or inverted triangle. You have a well-developed chest that is significantly broader than your chest and hips. Your arms and chest tend to be wider and bulky. For this build, it’s important to balance your upper and lower body to show off your arms but not to slim your waist too much. Slim-fit and athletic-fit tops tend to work best, and layering with non-structured jackets can give off a more balanced look. Pro tip: a belt also helps balance out your natural body shape.


So, What is The Best Men's Fitting Clothing?

All in all, if you follow the steps above, you can find just about any clothes to fit your body type. And always remember these hard and fast rules: if you’re in between sizes, always size down. A tailor can be your best friend. Know your body type, and stay true to your style. The right fit will enhance your appearance, help you feel comfortable, and give off the most confident vibes. No matter who you are or what you look like, the right fit will always take you further. 

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