Man wearing pullover hoodie standing in a basketball court

Men’s Loungewear: A 2021 Essential

In this day and age, there is no reason that men cannot remain stylish as well as comfortable while relaxing within the comforts of home. Men’s loungewear has gone through a tremendous transformation in the past years, with many pieces practical enough to be worn not only around the house, but also for going out and about on the town. Relaxed loungewear that is versatile and multifunctional is easy for men to add to their wardrobe and here, we cover the history as well as the range of selections available today in men’s loungewear.


What is Loungewear?

When it comes to classifying what loungewear is, consider it casual attire that is comfortable enough for relaxing inside the home, yet appropriate enough for leaving the house.

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Loungewear by this definition encompasses loose-fitting athleisure gear, dress sweatpants, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and designer sneakers. There are no hard and fast rules to what loungewear is as it involves any fashion that easily combines comfort and convenience. Essential loungewear, however, should be a conscious decision to look sharp.


How Loungewear is Different From Pajamas

One of the general misconceptions is that loungewear and pajamas are the same, but they are actually separate categories. Whereas loungewear is loose-fitting clothing made for relaxation and to be occasionally worn outside, pajamas are expressly for the bedroom and sleeping.


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Why Loungewear is So Popular With Men

Loungewear has become increasingly popular as more men prioritize relaxation and invest more time in their homes. Fittingly, more brands have released collections specifically for loungewear that include classic variations and progressive looks that are now trending everywhere. The modernity of loungewear today translates to luxury clothing that is versatile for inside or outside the house. Brands now prominently feature cotton and cotton blends, cashmere, and silk suits for men that are sensible, chic, and perfect for leisure time.


How to Wear Loungewear (In Public)

Gone are the unwritten rules that mandated men only wear loungewear in the privacy of their homes. Men now know they can definitely wear loungewear in public, with many pieces perfect for matching with other types of casual apparel for a public setting. Cashmere pants with a v-neck t-shirt and loafers are suitable to run errands in or opt to mix and match track pants with a cotton hoodie that can be worn in public. There are several loungewear tops and bottoms to choose from that are currently trending and popular with men of all ages.

Man wearing pullover hoodie standing in a basketball court

To wear loungewear in public, remember that a great foundation is the key to any winning look. There are many brands that feature loungewear sets in various colors and sophisticated prints. Layering also works for loungewear, opting for a trench during colder temperatures, or a knit cardigan during the warmer months to complete an outfit.

An essential style point for men to never forget is that loungewear should fit properly in order to be stylish. The right loungewear look dictates tapered or fitted sweatpants, and knits that fit snugly across your physique and uncomplicated sneakers.


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Loungewear Tops

Men’s loungewear tops consist of tees, sweaters, and hoodies, which can be worn separately or layered depending on the season and the occasion.


Lounge T-Shirts

A staple in every man’s wardrobe, a simple crew or v-neck t-shirt is a key basic in modern loungewear. White or muted colored tees made from 100% brushed or organic cotton should be tapered for a slimmer silhouette.


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Other popular trending fabrics to consider include modal, fleece, and textured knits that offer the softness and comfort loungewear is synonymous for.


Men’s Sweaters and Hoodies

Loungewear sweaters and hoodies should offer a slim fit and come with a combination of or all of the following features: tapered cuffs, ribbed necklines, contrast stitching, zipped or unbuttoned pockets, and embroidered logos. Retro prints are a popular option now for sweaters, with black, navy, and grey hues offering a more classic approach to loungewear fashion.

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Lightweight cotton knit is a popular choice for men’s hoodies and sweaters, with functional zippers and pockets suggested to offer more versatility when wearing loungewear outside the house. The key to formidable loungewear style is the right tailoring that easily takes a loungewear sweater from simple to chic.


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Loungewear Bottoms

Men’s loungewear bottoms include shorts that are between one to four inches above the knee, joggers, and sweatpants. Once the length has been established, shorts should be form-fitting through the leg and waist. Typical loungewear is made from premium materials such as silk or cashmere for a softer feel and elevated comfort. Loungewear bottoms should be tailored for a more classic look, with ribbed cuffs currently a popular trend in overall menswear.

Shoes to Match Loungewear

Every style comes with its own specific shoes that complete an outfit and loungewear is no different, with many shoes designed for relaxing at home, and others that can be worn with athleisure wear and other casual styles.

Pair of loafers

The name of the game when it comes to matching loungewear with shoes is comfort, making a minimalist approach that features quality materials the way to go. Suede loafers lined with fleece can be worn around the house, while low-top sneakers can be worn outside paired with sweatpants and a tank top. Another classic approach to loungewear shoes is the right pair of lightweight slippers that are super soft and comfortable. Slippers come in several variations, including those made from calfskin or velvet versions in subtle colors like burgundy, navy blue, or green.


A man’s personal style should shine no matter what he is wearing, and the loungewear aesthetic comes with its own set of guidelines to create the best look. The look of modern loungewear is one that embraces structure and a tailored fit, and men will want to pull off a look that seems effortless. The best loungewear look highlights a man’s physique while simultaneously offering comfort. The essentials of men’s loungewear ensure that all the bases have been covered for the best look possible.

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