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Pocket T-Shirts

What Are The Features Of True Classic's Pocket Tees?

Every time is the right time to rock a pocket t-shirt. True Classic® Tees offers pocket t-shirts in various colors and sizes so you can find the perfect match. Plus, every tee is tagless — no more reaching behind your back for that mid-day itch! Shop single-pocket tees, or grab a pack for extra savings.

Every True Classic® pocket tee is crafted with quality and patience. We take the time to make each shirt soft, durable, and stylish. That’s why we’re confident you'll never go back if you try one of our pocket tees. Featuring a contemporary/athletic cut and a classic side seam for a modern look, our buttery soft pocket tee will surely be a closet staple you won’t ever want to be without.

Why The Pocket T-Shirt?

Pocket tees are the ultimate men’s wardrobe staple. They’re comfortable and convenient, making it easy to tuck away small items like coins, lighters, and keys. Quality pocket tees are versatile, timeless, and easy to style. Our white pocket t-shirt and black pocket t-shirt are undoubtedly a couple of crowd favorites, and our color pocket t-shirt 3-pack is also famous for those looking to add color to their looks.

What Should Men Avoid When Buying A Pocket T-Shirt?

Honestly, stay far away from pocket tees that aren’t fitted properly. Look for shirts fitted around the neck, arms, and sides. Otherwise, you’ll end with an oversized frumpy tee at the end of the day — and no one likes that.

How Can You Style Your Men's Pocket T-Shirt?

It’s easy to style a True Classic Tee’s pocket t-shirt. Couple it up with jeans and a hoodie for the perfect date night out. Or layer it with our comfort collection for a cozy, trendy fit that works anywhere. Have a foundation in your wardrobe of well-fitted crew tees, and then add flavor by mixing in crew neck t-shirts with pockets. They are simple and made to last.

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