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Frequently Asked Questions

You can manage your subscription through the customer portal. This includes canceling your subscription, skipping a month, adjusting the next delivery date, gifting an upcoming order, and more.

From the account page, click on “Manage Subscription.” Enter your email address, and you will receive a code sent to your email to log into your portal.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription, skip, or pause from the customer portal.

You can “Get It Now,” so your order processes immediately, or you can adjust your next order date.

You can easily modify your subscription preferences, such as changing the size, style, adding new items, swapping your products, or adjusting the frequency in your customer portal within the “Subscriptions” tab.

You will be billed on the next shipment date you see within your customer portal. You will receive an email five days before your order is billed.

Under “Profile” > “Your Payment,” click “Update Payment.” This will generate a link to your email to change your payment method.

Under the “Subscriptions” section, scroll down to “Delivery Address” to change your address.

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